Final day in Barcelona!

Hey everyone,

So here is my final write up of our last full day in Barcelona, and it was certainly the best day out so far! After recovering from my horrible sickness the previous day I was determined to fit as much as possible into this last day so I didn’t feel that I had missed out on what the city had to offer, and I certainly made the most of it! We had booked tickets for a hop on hop off bus as we liked the look of the routes they offered and wanted to see as much as we could on our last day! The bus service was brilliant, we caught it from the Central square in the middle of the city (Placa de Catalunya) and took the red route first of all which took us past the main attractions. A day ticket was 26 euros, so pretty reasonable considering it took us across the whole city.


The three routes broke down as follows:

Red route- stops included the well known Estacio de Sants, Anella Olimpica, Mirimar Jardins, World Trade Centre, the vibrant Parc de Ciutadella Zoo, and the scenic Port Olimpic & Port Vell

Blue route- stops included the world famous Sagrada Familia, Monestir de Pedralbes, Francesc Macia-Diagonal and of course the renowned Nou Camp (Barcelona’s football team stadium)

Green route – this repeated many of the stops on the red route, but kept more to the coastal side of the city so the beach could be seen from all angles. Parc Diagonal Mar was visited along with another dirve past the well known Port Olimpic.

sil port

My preferred route was the blue tour as there were attractions on there that I was more interested in than some of the other routes and it was very scenic, taking you through the busy city streets and then to the outskirts where the views were more mountainous. The Sagrada Familia was by far the highlight of the trip for me, I thought it was absolutely stunning! The architecture was incredible, and I got some great photos from lots of different angles. Would have loved to have gone inside and done the tour properly but, as we had limited time (and my friends weren’t as big on cathedrals as I am!) we decided not to stop off at any of the attractions and stayed on the bus during both routes. As with most of these bus tours, the guided commentary on the ear phones was excellent and very informative. I have been on bus tours with similar companies in Paris & London and also found them to be brilliant!


We stopped off for lunch in between the red and blue routes as we were getting rather hungry and ate at a little café in one of the quieter areas. We actually found this to be quite a nice refresher in between sitting on the top deck of the bus sunning ourselves and taking in the sights! Luckily there was a bus stop directly opposite the café as well which meant we could see when we were next due to be picked up and could always catch the next one if we didn’t make it as the buses came every 15-20 minutes – the service really was fantastic!


Later on in the day, after we had got dropped off back at the Place de Catalunya, we decided to head to St Joseph’s market (Mercat de Sant Josep/ La Boqueria) one last time to gaze at the wonderful fruits, ice creams and smoothies and soaked up the wonderful Spanish atmosphere whilst we went around looking for some scrummy treats to purchase. As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, if I could have brought this market over to England with me I definitely would have, it was so beautiful!


That evening, on our last night, we decided to head to one of the most upmarket restaurants in the city, The Attic Restaurant, located at the very bottom of Las Ramblas and right near to the port. The menu was reasonable but the portions were very small, although we expected this so we weren’t disappointed and the food itself was exquisite! If I were to return I’d definitely book a table on the roof top terrace- it looked amazing!



We rounded off our last evening in Barcelona by bartering with the street sellers and I got myself a Louis Vuitton replica bag at an impressive price of just €18 so I was feeling proud of myself!! They were quite pushy though which made us feel a little uncomfortable, but I suppose that happens everywhere.

So with my purchase in tow we headed back to our lovely hotel and packed our bags ready for the flight home the next morning.. sob sob! 😦 in a nutshell, Barcelona is one of the best cities i have visited and I can’t wait to go back! If you’re planning on going any time soon I’d love to see your blog posts and if you have any questions please get In touch so we can have a good old discussion about this beautiful place!

For now my Barcelona blog posts have come to an end, but I’ve been a busy bee since I’ve been back in England so ill post details of my new adventures soon!!

Thanks again for reading everyone! 🙂

Love Jess x

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